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Ratao Diniz // Bio

Ratão Diniz, is a photographer who works with the Essencia Collective, Images of People, and Media Collective Favela in Focus. He is a graduate from the School of Popular Photographer & Graphics of People’s Favela Observatory. His project “Revealing the Brazils” has been documented since 2007, in association with the Audiovisual Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil and Petrobras. He has developed a courageous photographic documentation of the graffiti scene, which earned him an exhibition at the Centro Cultural Correios during FotoRio 2009. Along side these projects, Ratão is the official photographer for the Early Week Music of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, and has documented the slums of Rio de Janeiro with the aim of showing these areas from the perspective of their own residents. Through the primary goals of the Images of People: he has a look complicit, supportive and engaged. The documentation on the art of graffiti in Brazil in 2012 allowed him to hold an art in residency project in Rio Occupation London (London, UK), and in that same year he participated in the exhibition “Ginga Life” at the Headquarters of the French Alliance in Paris. Ratão has also participated in numerous photographic exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, and has had his work published in several books and journals.