Workshops & International Exchanges

Essencia believes that an artistic voice has the power to communicate, educate, transform, inspire, heal and unite disparate nations. The collective focuses on artistic community initiatives, putting emphasis on education and artistic technique.

Essencia’s workshops consist of brainstorming sessions concerning the participants’ views about their community, and the power art has as a transformative tool in their lives. Each participant has the opportunity to express them self, to draw, write, dance or vocalize the issues that concern their community. The ideas are shared within the group with the purpose of then creating a unified collaborative piece. The participants are also taught artistic techniques which they can apply to the final creation.

International exchanges, including trips to Senegal and Venezuela, have also been organized for youth that participated in the workshops.

Essencia would like to give a big Thank You the artists who volunteered their time and talents to helped raise funds for the youth exchange program:  Juno Award Winner Dominic Mancuso,  Rosendo Chendy León Arocha,  QuiQue Escamilla,  Mario Allende,  Juno Award Nominee Aline Morales, Cafe Con Pan, and  Lula Lounge.